Lustre- This paper offers a rich depth of color with a glossy sheen.


Glossy- Beautiful color intensity and details are accentuated by the glossy finish. Use with caution in rooms where glare will be an issue.


Matte- Minimal glare. Provides a smooth, even and soft appearance.


Silk- The silk textured finish of this paper enhances warm highlights and natural skin tones.


Metallic- This paper has a glossy, metallic appearance providing images with greater depth and visual interest.


Pearl- Archival quality paper offers sharp detail, high intensity color and a pearl-like sheen.


Deep Matte Velvet- Archival quality paper with a non-reflective surface that has a smooth, velvety feel.


​​​Heavier archival quality papers are available upon request.



Protective Coatings:

Laminate coating is available to provide added protection for your photographs.



Mounting Options:

2mm Styrene- a smooth plastic backing that resists warping. Comes in black or white.


3/16" Gator Foamboard- A very rigid, lightweight and durable backing. Comes with the option to add a mount block or plastic hanger.


 1/8" Hardboard Masonite- This backing adds a high-end finish while providing long-lasting durability to your print.


​​​​​​Canvas, Clusters and Split Images:

Some images may be well-suited for printing on canvas, in clusters or split images. Let us know if you are interested and we will see what we can do.